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I’ll have a healthy balanced life, more time for my goals, family and friends.” How often have you told yourself this?!

As you look around, you find a ‘well meant’ gift lying under the couch, some of the seasons’ clutter still has not found a home and everything is shouting at you to take charge! It seems that everything is just going to be the same as ever before, you tidying up after everyone else and your special time drains away and so does your energy.

Our home and work environments should be calm and harmonious. Our home tells the world about how we feel about ourselves. Do you feel embarrassed about your home or you are constantly looking for stuff? If clutter reflects who you are and you are ok with it don’t worry about it, but if it prevents you from living the life you want you should take charge now!

It might feel like a daunting task but if think about what William Norris said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful!” it will become much easier to clear the clutter. Take a good look around your home and decide what needs to be done and what you are going to do with the items you no longer need or want. Set aside a couple of hours. Put on you favourite Cd, take a deep breath and start in the area that disturbs you most.

  • Visualise what you want to achieve.
  • Have a couple of boxes and rubbish bags available. For the stuff to: a) give away, b) not for this room, c) toss.
  • Divide the room into activity zones, so that you know where to house items that you find elsewhere.
  • Work from the top to bottom, clockwise around the room. Don’t get distracted!
  • Make immediate decisions about an item: Do you love it? Does it serve a purpose? Be ruthless!
  • Clean the area and create a home for each item you have decided to keep, ensure that it is accessible.

As you work you will already feel the peace settling in. Take a 5 minute break every hour or so, but keep focussing on you goal. Hard to believe but within a couple of hours you have a clutter-free space that you have always wanted, you know what you have and where everything is kept. Sit back, relax have a pamper party. Let the appreciation of you new found freedom come from within and be proud of what you have achieved.

Heidi Meyer

Professional Organiser

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