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Heidi Meyer

Professional Organiser, Speaker & Trainer

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Cloud 9 organised – Experts at Decluttering and Simplifying Your Life.

I specialise in assisting you to sort your 'stuff' – to declutter – to get organised and regain control over your business, home and life.

I visit you at your home or office (the source of the clutter), assess your needs, and then provide customised solutions for YOUR problems.
NB: For instance, often a seemingly simple action like rearranging furniture can rectify that claustrophobic feeling, and create the perception of a welcoming home or office. Cloud 9 Organised will enable you to create a warm working or home environment where you will be proud and confident to receive customers or guests.

Heidi Meyer launched Cloud 9 organised in 2005. She is a professional organiser, and holds membership of POAA (Professional Organisers Association Africa). Her mission is to ensure that home and work environments are calm, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

Are you constantly late? Can’t find stuff? Feel overwhelmed with too much to do? Cloud9organised assists you to declutter, organise and simplify your life! Changing chaos into order, paper piles into filing systems, leaving you to access your documents and belongings quickly and work more efficiently.

We offer free sound advise every second month. We look at organising your stuff, time management and just simplifying your life! Subscribe to our newsletter, for constant motivation in getting your life in order at home and at the office; “Giving you time for the things that really matter!”