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Here are a couple of helpful interactive tools to organise your life

Please click on bolded titles to download the templates.

  • My Dreams Chart -Do you know what you really want from your life, both personally and professionally? Use this chart to fill in your life goals, the activities and deadlines.
  • Time map – Keep a log for two weeks of everything you do. Tie each task back to your life category. Now you’ll have a good idea where you spent your time and how time is wasted. Now you can correct imbalances in time use for your different categories and not over schedule your days. Master this skill and you’ll be able to schedule your time more realistically.
  • Labels for your Warranties and Instruction booklets.  Keep only the current booklets. Attach your receipt to the booklet. If you replace an appliance or electronic equipment toss the old booklet just keep the new one. Following the one in one out principle.
  • Self-catering-checklist / Lola’s Checklist – adapt and tweak this food and supply checklist for your getaway, according to your specific needs.
  • Fun Labels for toy storage created just for you with pictures. Print them on self-adhesive label paper in any size you wish or have them laminated to attach to baskets.
  • Eco-friendly-cleaning-products Save money and be environmentally aware. Use Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon for cleaning around the home.
  • Daily-Extra-Mural-Checklist Remember what to take each day for your Extra Murals. Put up a list of everything you need where you would pack your bags and avoid morning madness or forgetting your stuff at home.
  • Print your number labels on self-adhesive labels to number your boxes for your move.
  • Use the inventory to list everything that is in your box while packing for the move. This will assist you to prioritise which boxes to unpack and find things easily if you need something before unpacking all the boxes.

Moving to a smaller home is overwhelming, but if you take one step at a time, downscaling can be therapeutic and liberating. Use this Downscaling checklist to assist you.