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Heidi, was an absolute godsend, at a time when my daughter and I felt we couldnt cope with packing up my late husbands books. What was amazing to me was that she got stuck in and assisted in the work with excellent guidance. There was no pressure from her. When we had to make decisions. Thank you Heidi once again.

Marian Kemp

Dear Heidi,

Thank you for your excellent work with our new office, the compliments from the clients are never ending and it is a pleasure to work in this beautiful office every day.

Your attention to detail and style is impeccable, and working with you directly is amazing.

The IQ Team

Deon Grové

Hi Heidi, A huge ‘thank you’ to you for sorting out my late boyfriends flat. I found the accumulation of 30 years of debris emotionally overhelming and simply could not cope on my own. You managed a perfect balance between empathy and efficiency, getting the job done in record time. Delivering the outdated medicine to Dischem, the books to the war memorial and stuff to hospice was, I thought, really going the extra mile. I am also really impressed with your emphasis on re-cycling. I think you offer an incredible service at a very reasonable hourly rate. Thank you again!!

Robyn Bloom

When I heard I had to move from a rental house to a smaller house, I almost had a panic attack. I’m not one for many words, but the moment Heidi started organising my new place I calmed down immediately. She found a place for everything and managed to turn my rental house into a home.All I can say is ‘thank you so much”.When I build my house one day she’s going to plan my whole kitchen and cupboard space.

Sarita Lombard

Desperate and completely overwhelmed by the 20 years of junk that had collected in my home, I called Heidi in. And what a fantastic service she provided! When I’ve raved about her to my friends, they’ve all asked how it worked…did I need to be there to help with the sorting…etc. I’ve answered that I don’t know how it worked but it just worked. Heidi got on with the job calmly and systematically mostly with but also without me around. It was all very painless and pleasant and I loved working with her. She also showed me that de-cluttering and organizing is not an insurmountable task. So the best part is that it’s spurred me on to tackle the rooms that weren’t on her mandate. My house is now as it should be: a haven and not a garbage dump! I also like the fact that Heidi’s green and into recycling.

Jill Nudelman

Hi Heidi I want to say thank you very much for the time we spent organising my space. The session was very empowering because you explained how and why, so I will be able to use the skills you imparted for years to come. I also really liked how you also reused some of my items and showed me how to use them more effectively. I still can’t believe how beautiful my shoe storage is! Warm Regards, Nokuthula


After spending some time researching how to organise our home before a big move, I ended up making the decision that it was best to get help from a professional. And let me tell you, Heidi is just that…professional! From our initial consultation to each visit, Heidi gave us simple, affordable and manageable solutions. Not only did we have a few shared giggles at the once valued items we have managed to lug around with us, she also helped give me the confidence to sort through years of clutter! I never thought that purging could be so rewarding. Heidi helped with inventory lists, suggested weekly plans, packing solutions and helped donate items to worthy charities. We managed to get through every room and our dreaded garage in a few short sessions. Not only has it made our home clean and structured, she has given us many tools to use to avoid clutter in the future. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone who is looking for guidance, time saving and easy solutions to creating a clutter free and organise space!

Roxanne Byrne

Our study/office was a mess and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I started to search on the web for a person to come and help. Family members just could not agree what must be thrown away and what must stay. I found Heidi and what a great found. She was to the point but still soft and she let everybody understand clearly what must be done. She did the job in 2 days and I could believe my eyes when I walked in and the cupboard was unbelievable well organized. We felt so light and relief with all the extra’s we don’t need out of our lives. Heidi is a star in our eyes and will be recommended to all.

Riaan van Zyl

Heidi has helped me to declutter and organise my home several times over the past five years. Working with her through the physical clutter also helps me sort out the clutter in my mind! I can find things more easily, which is a great relief. Giving away what I don’t need and creating flow in my home has been very refreshing. She’s dedicated to her work, energetic and a pleasure to work with.


Excellent organisational skills and absolute efficiency with the utmost dedication and diligence, superior service delivery Thank you Heidi

Melanie Sullivan

Heidi is a life saver. She is quick, to-the-point & efficient. She worked with me for one day & we accomplished so much! She did not simply do things, but also gave loads of tips & good advice. She makes recommendations according to best practice, but is still kind & considered the unique needs of our family. No job is too big or too small for Heidi!

Yolandi North

Thank you Heidi for giving me the gift to make my home the place i wanted it to be but couldn’t quite get there on my own. Your calm nature and pragmatism is so magnetic and it has been the most wonderful experience to work with you. Thank you for everything.

Lori Milner

Dear Heidi Your assistance, honesty and calming presence are enormously appreciated. I appreciate your sensitivity to what is important to me [even though you may think it superfluous!] Thank you for your efforts to make a traumatic situation more bearable. Your professionalism is perfect. thank you again from Scotty and Anneliese Stewart

Anneliese Stewart

Heidi is a miracle worker! She helped my parents pack a house that they had lived in for more than 50 years. She was empathetic and compassionate and really made a difference in a challenging process. Thank you Heidi.

Mary Stewart

Thank you Heidi. You achieved what I have been trying to achieve for a long time.. My son’s room is neat and tidy for the first time in many years! You definitely had a positive influence on him! Thank you!


I loved the 1 day workshop with Heidi, she was so inspiring! I’ve started transforming our home over the past few days, and now i’m going to book Heidi for a couple of hours to get the office ship shape!


Heidi, you have been amazing in helping me organize and declutter my home. It has made such a difference in our lives as my kids are even happy to pack away their own toys and crafts as everything now has it’s place. I feel so much lighter now that everything is organized and all the extras we no longer acquire has been given away to Hospice to be useful once again. Thank you for your kindness, hard work and practical advice on how to keep my home this way! Baie, baie dankie Heidi! Baie seën vir jou. Dit was heerlik om saam met jou te werk!

Claudette Kapp

Heidi came in to help me declutter and get ready for a move which has been amongst the traumatic events of my life. Thirty six years in a Heritage house, I was very attached to it. And overwhelmed by the task and what it meant to me and my family. Truthfully, I could not have done it without her. She has wisdom, clarity, focus, immense energy, and an intelligent approach to practical and emotional issues – the whole spectrum of skills needed to transform a scary monster into a series of steps, towards the end point. Thank you Heidi. We even had a lot of fun along the way!

Adrienne Scott

Dear Heidi, thank you so much for helping me organize my study. It is such a pleasure to spend time there now, previously we just went there when it was absolutely necessary! Even my cat has chosen her spot on the chair in the sun. Because everything belongs somewhere, it comes naturally to replace it immediately after use. My son spent the whole day in his new, neat room and had no trouble tidying up before bedtime. He loves the files for his Lego books and pictures! It was a relief to get rid if all the unwanted things. This is a great part of your service, to take old clothes and unused items to people who need them and can make better use of them than we can. I’m all fired up to tackle the rest of the house. It’s been inspiring to work with you and I will recommend your service to anybody who’s interested! Thank you a million times!

Maryke Etsebeth

What Heidi does for your home or office is almost like magic! From the littlest to bigger changes she is able to transform any room to a comfortable and welcoming space. Even the evaluation the first day was already well worth it. Heidi also helps you to refine your own ideas that you can implement as well. Heidi’s work ethics is outstanding and I enjoyed her company very much while we were busy transforming my two bedroom town house into a spacious and well organized haven!


Dear Heidi I cannot thank you enough – it is wonderful to live and work in a space that is organised and clutter-free. The best part is, thanks to the systems you have put in place, I am able to keep it that way. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in the same situation. Your products and sorting skills have made a real difference in our daily lives. Less is more! Thanks again

Nimi Pretorius

thank you so much. the difference in my home is amazing. clutter free and everything has it’s place. i came home to a transformed house. thank you. I love my jewellery organiser. it is the best thing. you are so patient and efficient. keep up the excellent work. Hugs,


Dear Heidi, Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done in my home. As you saw, I cannot control my clutter and it felt as if everything was falling apart. In actual fact, as you know, my home study was an absolute chaos and the door was kept closed as it just depressed me to see everything all over the place. I am not the kind of person who can just throw away anything, so I hoard it all up. The problem with hoarding, is that it kind of suffocates one, and the main problem it then brings, is – Depression. After you spent hours sorting everything out, putting all unwanted paper items in the recycling bag you had, made special stickers to show me exactly where everything was, sorted out all accounts and documents in a special box you brought, with everything marked and filed, it was such a pleasure to see my study again. I couldn’t believe the difference you made. When my husband asks for something, I just go to my filing box, take it out, and hand it to him. I used to spend hours looking for things which caused a lot of conflict in our home, as I didn’t know where anything was. Everything looks fresh and clean and most of all, I now I know where to find every little thing. Then there was my bedroom cupboards. They were packed with magazines, nitty gritty things and loads of clothes that I didn’t even know I had. The chest of draws could hardly close as you know, as I just stuffed everything in to get it out of sight. Every morning I wasted so much time digging through the drawers to find what I wanted. Now everything is neatly packed and labelled and all the unwanted clothes are out of my cupboard and the greatest thing of all, is my chest of drawers. I can now find everything I need within seconds. I feel like a new person with a new home, and all thanks to you Heidi. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the work you did for me and you just stayed patient and friendly through the loads of chaos. Thanks once again for giving me a new perspective on life, as my home is a great part of my life. May you be blessed abundantly!

Rona Gouws

Thanks so much Heidi! Without you I would have been living in clutter for life and would have continued to feel guilty about it. I had no idea where to start – you just started. I had no idea how to plan where to keep things – you planned. I had no idea how to rope the whole family into the idea of making this work – you worked with Oscar and explained to Joel and Regina and it works. I had no motivation left to deal with this issue and you (very nicely) pushed me in the right direction. I threw away so many unnecessary items, just by having like with like in one place and seeing the surplus and it’s been freeing. We had a huge Yard Sale for Charity and heaps and heaps went out of the door. The good thing is, that now everything else is in place, I think I can reduce my clutter even more. I’ll be doing that over the next month. I feel so mich lighter and we are all happier. We can actually find things without searching, fighting about who had what last and we are just more streamlined. We’ve had lots of comments about the house now – which is not so stiff we can’t move – just organised and tidyable! But best of all, we are all happier. I have already spread the word about your brilliant services and will continue to do so whenever I get the chance. Many thanks from the De Souza family

Rachel De Souza

Thank you Heidi, for your inspiring training and your inspiring organised home. The effect was that I worked hard and have already moved a few mountains.

Elizabeth Smit

Faced with the prospect of a big move in the middle of a stressful period at work and with two small children at home, I was getting increasingly stressed in my inability to get organised. Heidi arrived like a godsend and enabled me to let go of unnecessary baggage – even when I couldn’t always be there myself due to other last minute problems. She definitely helped make the move much less of and ordeal and I find myself still continuing with the good work she started. Big thank you!!!

Ariane Sabania

I had the privilege of attending the “Become a Professional Organiser Workshop” and it was such an honor to learn from you. Thank you for giving so much of yourself and sharing your knowledge and passion with us. Thank you again!!

Wilma Miller

The service from Heidi at Cloud 9 organised was amazing.  Her team decluttered our storeroom and developed a management system for our team. Much appreciated.

Nishan Singh

Thank you so much for all your amazing assistance and also moral support, which was so meaningful to me, having to cope with quite a major move without any of my family around. 

My new home now looks really fantastic and it is very special to have my family photos up and the beautiful mirrors hung, etc., all making the apartment look like I have finally settled in.  I know Philippa is particularly thrilled that we have together managed to put the final ‘touches’ to the unit and made it look so welcoming and it is also satisfying for her to know that she made the right decision in engaging you services, as they have worked so well for all of us.

Yvonne Bolton

At first Heidi helped me organize my home after my parents had passed away.
All their belongings came to me, so my house looked like a book store, furniture store and things were in disarray.
Heidi helped me organize the entire house, even new curtains and plan and build a brand new kitchen- which is lovely!
After a few years I asked Heidi and her husband again to come and put some wedding photos of my daughter on the walls.
Heidi has an exquisite sense of balance of where to hang photographs. Heidi & her husband are my favourites and work for reasonable prices! 

Suna Redelinghuys

Virtual organising is the best! I live in the countryside and having Heidi “in my home” via a simple WhatsApp video call means I’ve been able to take advantage of her brilliant services. Heidi tuned in immediately to my personality and aesthetics, and is helping me at my own pace to make the changes I have envisaged but just can’t get together on my own. Our ongoing sessions include filing papers, decluttering and rearranging whole rooms, advice on security systems, information about the best lightbulbs, how to stop my puppies from destroying my garden, and a lot more. Sometimes I work on projects on my own, sometimes I work with Heidi “in the room”. I feel I can ask her to guide me in absolutely anything to do with creating a lovely, efficient, working home that suits and reflects me. Her talent and experience are evident. And we often have a lot of fun.

Karen Martin

Thank you for helping me sort out and organize my son’s play room. I felt so overwhelmed when I moved all his toys in the play area not knowing where to begin. Heidi came out before she opened as I was starting work on the 4th to help me organize the play area. I am so happy with the outcome of the play room and will definitely use her again when I do redo my kitchen. Definitely recommend that anyone who needs help organizing an area to give Heidi a call
So satisfied with her service, she is so warm and friendly

Rabia Tayob

What a pleasure it is to have worked with Heidi and her team! She organises and co-ordinates everything you need after assessing the full requirements. Efficient, professional and knowledgeable – what was extra special was the fact that we were tying up an estate, Heidi’s empathy within the emotional contact was extraordinary. Thank you, to the Cloud 9 Organised Team. You are highly recommended for any situation no matter its size or requirements.

Lise Holloway

Heidi has been helping me declutter and organise my own home for a while. She works at my pace and I appreciate how she adapts her approaches to suit me. She has recently helped our family to clear out our late father’s house. She evaluated what needed to be done, and then organised everything, including cleaning, making donations, liaising with auctioneers, arranging movers, and more. Her personal presence is calm and caring. Thank you Heidi.

Karen Martin

I did the ‘become a professional organiser workshop’ and it was absolutely incredible and life changing!
Heidi is a very caring, creative and informative human, with the best ability to transfer information and share her knowledge in such an understandable and intuitive way.
Thank you so much for all you have done in my journey!

Zanelle Schempers

Heidi and her team were absolutely wonderful. They helped us clear out our mom’s effects after her passing, making what was an insurmountable task for the family so much easier. She was extremely professional and arranged for the items to be donated to Stepping Stones Hospice. The apartment was left spotless and we couldn’t have been happier with the level of service. Thank you!

Irene Dryer

I met Heidi for the first time more than 7 years ago when I needed a professional to help me sort out my two bedroom house. Then again when I got married and moved to a bigger house with hubby. Then once more after my father passed and my mom had to move into a frailcare facility several times. It was an emotional time and having the support from someone like Heidi was immeasurable!

Short story is Heidi has been helping me with major milestones in life! And I plan to ask for her help again when my young son moves into his own bedroom and then sort out the rest of the house.

I have no problem hiring her again. She is efficient, diligent and very caring! An organizing ANGEL!

Melinda Pieterse

Heidi has been an absolute dream to work with; professional; organized; careful and most of all a can do attitude – I will miss working with you, and would recommend you to all!
Thanks you have made a very difficult consolidation during a long drawn out house re-building exercise possible.
Now you need to come see our new special home.
Thanks we really appreciate your amazing touch and professionalism,

Inge Moore

I attended the online workshop to Become a Professional Organiser. Heidi was thorough and very professional and shared so much valuable information. The programme is well thought out and covered all the content & tips needed to get started. I would highly recommend this course if you’re considering becoming a PO. Thank you, Heidi.

Debi le Roux

Heidi, how exciting to have done your course to become a professional organiser. It has really helped me see things from a new perspective and has filled in many gaps to what comes naturally. I now feel more confident to start my business and follow my dream of helping many on their way to living light and breathing easy.
You are life-giving!
And what’s made me laugh and it felt great!
So thank you kindly:))

Mia Carla Jones

Heidi did a phenomenal job helping my parents downscale and move to a smaller Retirement Home.
Heidi is efficient, high-functioning and very experienced.
I highly recommend her to anyone.

Daniela Steyn

Heidi, thanks once again for assisting me to move my business and personal stuff from the one premises to the other without any hick-ups or drama. You are just SIMPLY THE BEST!!! Highly recommend this experienced lady. You will NOT regret it!

Leonie de Beer

I enjoyed every moment of the training
Very informative and helpful definitely worth it. It’s inspirational
Thank you Heidi for your time the past 2 days!

Vera Lee

I enjoyed the workshop very much. I was well prepared and shares valuable information on starting your own organising business.

Clara Grobler

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Heidi from Cloud 9 Get Organized for the incredible work she did in sorting out my store rooms and helping me declutter my business space. Her expertise and dedication have truly transformed the way I operate, and I cannot thank her enough for the amazing job she has done.

Before Heidi’s intervention, my store rooms were in a state of chaos. The clutter had accumulated over the years, making it difficult to find anything efficiently. It was not only affecting my productivity but also creating a sense of overwhelm every time I entered those rooms. That’s when I decided to seek help, and Heidi came to the rescue.

From the moment Heidi arrived, I could sense her professionalism and passion for organizing spaces. She took the time to understand my specific needs and requirements, and then devised a plan to tackle the clutter effectively. Her approach was systematic and efficient, ensuring that every item was given proper consideration and either archived or discarded appropriately.

The transformation was remarkable. Thanks to Heidi’s meticulous efforts, my store rooms now have a sense of order and purpose. The excess clutter has been eliminated, creating ample space for easy navigation and storage. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I am no longer burdened by the disarray that used to overwhelm me.

Not only did Heidi organize my store rooms, but she also helped me archive important documents systematically. She provided valuable guidance on document retention and storage, ensuring that everything was categorized and stored in a way that would facilitate easy retrieval when needed.

One of the most satisfying aspects of working with Heidi was her commitment to sustainability. She made sure that any items that were no longer needed were responsibly disposed of, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

I cannot recommend Heidi from Cloud 9 Get Organized enough. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine care for her clients’ needs make her a true gem in her field. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter, disorganization, or simply need help streamlining your space, I strongly urge you to reach out to Heidi. Her expertise will not only transform your physical environment but also provide you with a renewed sense of clarity and productivity.

Thank you, Heidi, for the amazing work you have done for me. I feel lighter, more focused, and inspired to continue optimizing my business space. You have made a significant difference, and I am truly grateful for your expertise and dedication

Gina Gall

I recently had the privilege of attending the “Become a Professional Organiser Workshop,” and I must say it was an absolutely fantastic experience. From start to finish, the workshop exceeded my expectations and left me feeling inspired and motivated to pursue a career in professional organizing.

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to Heidi for her expertise and dedication. Heidi’s passion for the subject matter was contagious, and her ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner was remarkable. She created a supportive and inclusive learning environment and encouraging active participation.

The workshop content was comprehensive and well-structured, covering all the essential aspects of professional organizing. Each module provided practical insights, real-life examples, and hands-on exercises that helped solidify our understanding. The inclusion of extra files and notes was a thoughtful touch, as it allowed me to delve deeper into specific topics and provided a valuable resource for future reference.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the emphasis on practical application. I was given the opportunity to apply the principles and techniques learned through interactive exercises and case studies. This hands-on approach allowed me to gain firsthand experience and develop my skills in a supportive environment. The feedback and guidance provided by Heidi were invaluable, enabling me to refine my techniques and think critically about my approach to organizing.

Furthermore, the workshop provided valuable insights into the business side of professional organizing. I was equipped with essential knowledge on how to start and grow a successful organizing business, including marketing strategies, client management, and pricing considerations. This practical business advice was a game-changer, as it gave me the confidence and tools necessary to turn my passion for organizing into a sustainable and profitable venture.

Lastly, I would like to commend the Heidi for her professionalism and attention to detail. The workshop was well-organized, and every aspect, from registration to the delivery of the course materials, was seamless.

Attending the “Become a Professional Organiser Workshop” was a transformative experience for me. I feel equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to embark on a fulfilling career as a professional organizer. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone passionate about organizing and looking to turn their passion into a profession. Thank you to Heidi for an outstanding learning journey!

Janine Rautenbach

Heidi Meyer of Cloud 9 Organised assisted me in moving from one house to another, the latter being much smaller She took on the responsibility in sorting clothes and furniture, basically the house hold contents, , packing as well as unpacking and seeing that every thing is placed in the correct places such as hanging the clothes, arranging the furniture, etc. She supervised everything even arranging the donations of excess belongings. To state that her services were excellent is an under-statement. It was more than excellent. Extraordinary good and would highly recommend her services. Thank you Heidi

William Cook

Heidi many thanks for your very professional services – for anyone its always a very emotional process to declutter and move household goods out of a deceased family members home – you and your team were so organised and helpful on how to approach this task – many many thanks for all your advice and assistance in the process

Rod Poole