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I love jewellery and I’m sure most of you do, but what use is the jewellery stashed away in boxes in different hiding places where you can’t even keep track of it, let alone go on an Easter hunt every time you want to wear a specific piece?

Do your chains wind up in knots and rings and earrings just vanish without trace? Organise your jewellery in a few easy steps, so that it is easily accessible and works for you.

1. What to keep?

Gather your jewellery and sort it into different categories; either when you wear them; everyday, special occasions, casual or according to colour. Weed through your jewellery. Decide if you still love it, want it or if you only hanging onto it for all the wrong reasons. Give away or sell the items online you no longer want.

2. Where is the best place to keep my jewellery?

We all have different styles and preferences. Consider where your  jewellery would be the most accessible when you want to wear it. Once you know what you have and where you want to keep it think about containers into which you can organise it. If you know, that you will not put away your earrings into little holes in Perspex stands, do not even think of buying them, whatever you get should be beautiful and functional.

3. How should I store it?

  • Everyday wear: I like keeping the stuff I wear all the time easily accessible on top of my dresser a lovely container. Those of you who are more visual and need to see all of it, might like to store them in the closet, in the ”Bling Thing” or displayed on the wall on a beautiful “Tidy Suzi” or ornamental necklace trees or jewellery stands which you can find in gift shops. A cheap option is to start with a couple of hooks on your cupboard door or use a framed pegboard or chicken mesh and hang your jewellery on pegs or hooks.
  • Occasional Jewellery: I like to store it in sets, in compartmentalised organisers in my dresser. I love the Stackers or Stackable jewellery cases from Organised living everything stays beautifully organised and accessible. A cheap option is to use ice trays or stationery organisers for earrings and pendants in your drawer.
  • Priceless pieces or heirlooms for special occasions should be kept easily accessible but where thieves would not think of looking for them. Consider getting a jewellery safe or better still a safety deposit box.

4. Know what you have

I was so disappointed after a burglary to find that there were certain sentimental items I really loved but had no proof of ever having them.

It really is worth the effort to keep:

  • Receipts and valuations on file for expensive pieces or even custom jewellery.
  • Photos of you with heirlooms for which you don’t have receipts kept in the same file.

5. Keep them sparkling and safe.

Store your jewellery in a portable jewellery case or bag when travelling. Keep your pearl ring safe while washing dishes in a little bowl next to your basin and a little velvet pouch in your handbag for when you go for a facial or massage. Clean your jewellery occasionally with the correct cleaner and a soft cloth to keep enjoying it for years to come.

With a little imagination you can and will find beautiful and creative out of the box organizing solutions in your home and shops, for the gems in your treasure trove. With everything more accessible you will find that you love wearing it again.