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Don’t let your good intentions drift away as the days go by -Find ways to turn your hopes and dreams into reality!

New Years resolutions are dreams and goals that you wish to achieve during the coming year, most of them are things that you wanted to do ages ago; like losing weight, stuff you needed to sort, boxes you never unpacked, filing that you needed to do, but just didn’t get around to doing just yet, hoping that they will miraculously disappear!

Procrastination is the biggest problem why resolutions and dreams fall by the way side, caused by:

  • being a perfectionist and not trusting other people to do the job,
  • being too busy juggling demands of work, home and family,
  • putting things off that you don’t like doing or are unsure about,
  • wanting to source more information before making a decision,
  • not having the confidence to make the decision,
  • being embarrased to get help and thinking you will do it yourself or
  • feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

Now is time that you take charge of your here and now!

1. Define your goals.

Get a pen and paper. Organise your toughts. Visualise how the issues affect your life and the positive changes that will come once you address it. Be specific about what you want to achieve and the actions required to reach your dreams.

2. Prioritise and Schedule Time:

Focus on which of your resolutions will make the biggest impact on your time and life. Prioritise.

Schedule time for the actions to be taken. Set realistic goals.

3. Get support:

Change your mindset and build a support team that will help reduce stress and help you reach your goal. A good way is to get the family to agree to your vision. Team up with a friend who is on a similar journey for encouragement and a chat on a weekly basis for support.

4. Get help:

Most of the resolutions are based on making us feel or look better, making our home and work environments more organised, and to make more money. Don’t first go on a diet before you go to the gym, clean the house before you get in help.

Spend some money to make your life easier. Employ help to enable you to reach your goals. There are many specialised services: grocery deliveries, dog walkers, ironing & dry cleaning services, pool maintenance, garden services, window cleaners, professional organisers / personal trainers, and many others. To help you achieve your dream looks you can visit the hairdresser, nailcare & beauty palour, gym, yoga instructor, masseuse etc. By employing or visiting the best person for the job, will get it done and give you more time, money and relieve stress.

Take time out of your busy schedule to examine what you want by when and how, this will save you valuable time in the long run.Time lost can never be replaced. Ensure that you communicate clearly and make sure that the tasks are run according to your schedule.

Celebrate after having reached every goal and remember to pamper yourself and be true to yourself!

Heidi Meyer

Professional Organiser

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