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Are you so busy that you forget to take note of the things that are happening around you?Have you noticed the beautiful spring bulbs going into bloom?

It is almost as though we go into hibernation, not noticing the home becoming a mess, the surfaces being taken over by clutter and the dust bunnies growing under and behind furniture. Is the thought of spring cleaning daunting?

After long inactivity and rest the plants around us are waking up, in the most magnificent colours, doing what they do, to start the cycle of life. Don’t you feel invigorated by the sun rising earlier and the fresh breeze in the morning? Now is the time to take action to get your house in order, to make a new beginning. Visualise how you would like it to be – set yourself goals and stick to them.

Some hints to get ready for renewal, Spring the inspiration.

Shed unwanted items.  Keep only what you love and need. Anything not worn in the last season must go.Stick to the one in one out rule when purchasing something new. Have the winter clothes washed or laundered before storing them for the next season. Be ruthless when decluttering. We only use 20% of what we have, 80% of the time. Have boxes ready for give always. Think of the people that you will be making happy by giving away your unwanted items.

Persist with what you have started. Stick to your goals and keep the end in mind. Do a little at a time and don’t forget to enjoy the renewal. Open the windows while working, put on your favourite music and enjoy every moment.

Regain control of your possessions and your household. Each item needs a home, ensure a functional space that works for everyone that uses it. Work in one room at a time removing all the items, sorting and purging as you go. Clean all the shelves and surfaces. Wash the curtains. Only put back what you love and need. Immediately load the packed “give away” box into your car to be taken to beneficiaries.

Incorporate something new. Introduce a new colour by means of accessories, ornaments, cushions or even changing the colour of the room.  This can transform your home into a new sanctuary.

Naturally everything should be true to yourself. You do not need to imitate or do what others do. Your home should be in synergy with who you are and should work for you.

Get in touch with your inner self. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Relax. Be thankful for what you have!  Sense of order gives a feeling of being in control and quietens the spirit.

To prevent you getting into a rut remember to stick to a daily cleaning and organising routine.  Change your mindset to “Do it now!”  Keep a box in the bottom of a cupboard. Place unwanted items in it. When the box is full take it to the charity or welfare of your choice.

Learn from nature, live your life to the full, give happiness and love to those you meet – like the flower, keep only those possessions that are of value to you – like the bulb and shed that, which you do not have a purpose for, giving it to someone who needs it – like the leaves that give nourishment to the earth and to the new plant. Remember to look after yourself and the systems you put into place – like you would water and give nourishment to a plant. If you don’t you will soon feel overwhelmed and your systems will fall by the way – as the plant would whither and die.

Simplify your life, get rid of clutter, take time to enjoy the things that really matter – smell the flowers!

Heidi Meyer

Professional Organiser

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