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The house is a mess, work isn’t done on time, she doesn’t know how to prioritise and in the end nothing gets done.

I find many ‘to do’ lists and ‘getroundtoit’ promises, books on self improvement and a high level of procrastination with many of my most talented clients who see themselves as perfectionists, but yet fail to reach their potential and don’t get things done .

Perfectionism steals dreams, robs self esteem, stalks satisfaction and stalls tasks in their track. It becomes a vicious circle. A perfectionist is his own biggest critic; he can never do things well enough, even though everyone else will praise him for something he has done, he will still find fault. In some cases jobs are never completed, because they didn’t quite turn out as they should have; or never get started because of the fear of failure. This is demoralizing and causes many perfectionists to become depressed.

Do you have some of these character traits?

  • My way is the only way. Do you believe that there is only one acceptable way to do things, but when you get started it is too cumbersome or you find that it doesn’t work as you have thought?
  • If I want it done right, I do it myself. Do you do everything yourself because you do not trust that anyone can do it as well? Eventually there are so many things to attend to, that you become overwhelmed and tasks remain unfinished?
  • Fear of failure. Do you rather not start or keep putting jobs off in the fear of not being able to complete them due to you own high standards or supposed, “lack of knowledge”?
  • I need more information, before I start the job. Are you constantly seeking for more information or the right material to do the job just right and never get started?
  • I spend a lot of time on this just to get it perfect. Do you spend too much time on a project, making notes, doing and redoing until you get it just right?
  • I’m, sure I could have done a better job if … Do you feel that you do not have the skills to do something right?

Make the change:

  • Be open for suggestions. Investigate new products and services. As time changes, products are developed to save time and make our life easier. There are a myriad of services and we are still stuck in the mental process of “I will do it myself”, why would you pay to get your nails or hair done, but not hire a Professional Organiser who will put systems into place to organise and simplify your life at home and your office?
  • Delegate and train. Distinguish between trivial and important tasks. Entrust some of your tasks to somebody else or train someone to do it the way that you want it done. Focus on the important and deal with that.
  • Give Up the Fear. Most of the time the fear has no logic grounds. You need to stop worrying about, “will I do it right” or “what will people think” and just do it.
  • Get started and complete projects. Do not procrastinate. Make decisions and set realistic time frames for tasks. Double the time that you schedule for a job as it will take you longer because of your attention to detail. Prioritise and break down tasks that seem daunting, into manageable projects – take the step to get started and keep going. Enter deadlines into your appointment book. Be persistent in getting things done and make it habit. Check items off as they are done.
  • Believe what people tell you! Celebrate your accomplishments and be satisfied with what you have achieved. Would it really have been better in a different colour, in a different font with the picture placed in another spot?
  • To make it “perfect”, you might direct your energy into something that’s impossible to achieve. Learn to get to the stage of saying, “It is good enough!” Know when to stop! The energy and time you spend on a project must be worth it!

It is up to each of you, to make the conscious decision to make the change and live life to the full. Walk with your head in the cloud, Cloud 9 that is – let me help.

“Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely, and the likely definite.” ~ Robert Half

Heidi Meyer

Professional Organiser

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