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Follow the example of a butterfly to help you change your space.

 A butterfly goes through different stages of metamorphosis to become what it is destined to be. It changes its character and form to create new life.

You need to decide and commit to change. Set your mind and visualise what you want to achieve. Take conscious responsibility and act, to make the fundamental change in your way of life or to achieve the desired result.

Time – metamorphosis occurs in discrete steps over a period of time.

Whatever has caused your home, office or life to get out of balance has taken time and to put things in order will also take time. Determine the best time to get started and stick to it.

Home – the adult butterfly chooses a precise location for its eggs, to provide a food source for the caterpillar and a spot for the larva to attach itself.

Every possession needs a practical, functional place it can call home. The reason for things becoming disorganised or chaotic is that you haven’t made the conscious decision where things should be kept.

Change is a process – the caterpillar sheds its skin while hanging upside down and changes into a pupa over a period of time.

Start changing your environment. Shed the clutter. Let go of anything that you no longer need, love or want! There are many charities, welfares and orphanages that will only be too thankful for your donation.  Don’t get so enthusiastic and that you want to do everything at once. Do one thing at a time and make immediate decisions. Take baby steps – only one shelf at a time or as much as you can achieve in the time you set aside. Work with a timer, set it for 15 minutes.

Re-evaluate, take a break – the pupa’s skin becomes a hard capsule, or chrysalis. During this stage the larval structures are broken down and the new tissue of the butterfly is formed.

Take a short break. Be calm and take a deep breath and review what you have achieved. Make decisions of where things are to be housed and what you still need to do. Clean, containerise and place only the functional and loved possessions into their new space. Please note, even though it looks as if the pupa is resting, changes are happening, so you don’t dare procrastinate now – pace yourself and press on.

New life – the butterfly emerges slowly. Gradually it spreads its wings, waits … and only then flutters away, from one blossom to the other and the cycle starts all over.

It takes time to make changes that you had planned. You tidied, shed the unwanted, cleaned and perhaps even gave your space a new look. Now it is time to step back, and admire. Your space is neat, tidy and organised. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Don’t you feel just awesome with what you have achieved!

You have regained balance of your life and space. You experienced a great sense of achievement and inner peace. Start a new life by making the change permanent, by creating a habit of keeping things in their space.  Now you can be happy and content without that nagging voice in the back of your mind that tells you that certain things still need to be done. Celebrate your accomplishment and your new acquired space and peace of mind.

    Success comes when we focus on what’s on and let go of what’s gone.  (Unknown)

Good luck and do let me know how you get on. I’m always pleased to hear your stories and any tips for decluttering or storage that are working for you.

Heidi Meyer

Professional organiser

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