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 Is your under the stair cupboard a place of indecision with unused items best to be forgotten or would you prefer it to be an effective place for storage?

 My Question, “…and this?”, after opening a cupboard, is often answered with, “I really don’t know what is in there!”  If you can’t remember what you have in a space –it is really not worth keeping. The only keepers in that cupboard, would be the one or two items that you know are there. Some  indicators of a clutter problem are, that one needs to step over items and that one is constantly looking for stuff.

 This abused space is mostly a storage space for things that we cannot figure out what to do with. Like:

  • Empty boxes of appliances and equipment,
  • Plastic  bags,
  • Out of season clothing or clothing that is too big or too small,
  • Decorations for special occasions,
  • Relics of your past, toys of your grown-up children, letters and mementos,
  • Gifts you didn’t like but feel you cannot toss, still in their original boxes,
  • Overflow from other areas that get tucked in there when visitors come and are forgotten, to name but a few.

To make this space work for you, figure out why those items are ending up in there.    If you can’t find a reason to keep them – let them go. To assist with this process ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the worst that could happen, if I let it go?
  • What is in there that I really love, need and want?
  • What haven’t I used in a long time and do not intend using ever again?
  • What would you leave behind if you were to move?

Decide to make this a space clearing project and how much time you want to spend on it. Decide  what you would like to keep in the space and how to organise it. Get rid of all the items that you no longer have a use for or want. Do not hesitate, be firm with  yourself. Trash them or place them in a box for charity. Ensure that you have enough light. Install shelving and hooks, then organise your possessions into the shelves and containers.  Keep the floor clear to enable free movement.

Enjoy your new found space. Now you have extra storage of cleaning equipment. Store out of season clothing neatly hung on clothes rails or packed in transparent vacuum bags. Store your few  signigficant  mementos and letters in ONE beautiful container.  You can even store you’re  linen here or use it as a bookshelf. Everything in its place so that you can put away and find things easily.

 If you feel to do something different, make it into playhouse for your kids, or a puppet theatre.  This will keep them busy for hours and give you some extra time. Now you can sit back and enjoy your new efficient storage under the stairs or watch your children’s create a place of their dreams and enjoy a their first theatre production. Happy organising.

 Heidi Meyer
Professional Organiser
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